Top Twenty Entry


Competition Entry Fee $175
Exhibition Entry Fee $150

Will include your entry fee, two full catalog pages and a color picture to be used in the Top Twenty catalog. Also, the Top Twenty Committee will host a Private Cocktail Party just before the Show for owners and handlers to socialize and enjoy a beverage and appetizer before the show. It’s a great way to relax, have fun and meet your competitors. (Your admittance card will be emailed upon receipt of your Entry Fee and catalog writeup.) You will NOT be allowed to select your dog’s song until you have paid your entry fee…Repeat…you must pay entry first.

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A color picture, personal writeup and pedigree – The picture will be cropped to the dog unless you request otherwise. There is to be NO advertising (kennel name, dog’s name, etc) on this picture. For the writeup, tell us what you want people to know about YOUR dog in 500 words or less and you may include any performance titles in the writeup. Include the owners, breeders and handlers at the bottom of your writeup. Please get these to me ASAP so I will have time to ensure that it all fits the page and then send you a proof if you request one. (A sample page is included.) We will also need you to send a current AKC Certified Pedigree for your dog. (Do not include performance titles in the pedigree–you are free to put those in your dog’s writeup.) Please email the photo, pedigree and writeup to

Congratulations and we’ll see you in the ring!

*Send checks by mail to Sharon Fosseen, American Boxer Top Twenty, PO Box 8667, Spokane, WA 99203.

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