Judge Selection

The three judges for this event were nominated and selected by the Top Twenty Nominating Committee. Part of the excitement is that none of the members of the committee know which judges were elected until that night! One is an AKC licensed judge (licensed to judge Boxers and at least four other breeds in any Group.) In addition, there is a Breeder judge and a Handler judge. All three judges will score each dog and their scores will be averaged. The winner will be announced at the end of the competition.

Judging Procedure

  1. When the judges first see each dog, they must score it according to an Average Placement Scale of 1 – 10 before it is judged. In other words, the judge must look at the dog on the whole and score it on that scale, with a score of 10 meaning that, as a first impression, the dog appears to be in perfect harmony with the judge’s picture of the “ideal” Boxer. In the event of a tie, this score shall be used as a determining factor to break the tie.
  2. Then, the dogs are scored individually by each of the three judges, using the Top Twenty Boxer Point Schedule which is derived from the Standard. When a judge examines an individual dog and compares it mentally to their own picture of the “ideal,” that judge is going through an evaluation process. The Top Twenty Boxer Point Schedule adds the assignment of numerical values to this evaluation and it demands that the judge indicate wherein penalties are assessed for less than the ideal.
  3. This “hands-on” scoring is far more time consuming than the comparison judging that we are used to. After all, these are our Top Twenty Boxers and they are all competing for the top spot! This type of judging exacts strong discipline on the part of each judge. A fault that seems to stand out to one particular judge might not to the others, thereby, reducing the impact of the idiosyncrasies of individual judges. While in the ring, judges may only confer with the stewards regarding judging procedures.
  4. The winner will be determined on the basis of the averaged total scores of each dog and the signed score sheets will be available for the owners to view (by request) following the Show.

Past Judges

2023Peggy OttoDebbie StruffVincent P. Chianese
2022Vicki EastMichellle YeadonJohan Becerra
2020/2021Lee Ann BrooksTina StarrJoe Gregory
2019Linda HuffmanChristine Baum FairbankDoug Johnson
2018Stephanie AbrahamMel HollomanJon R. Cole
2017Beth DowneyRick JusticeTerry L. Berrios
2016Tim HutchingsMartin EgozcueClay Coady
2015Sydney BrownAmy BieriDavid W. Haddock
2014Phillip KoenigVickie SeilerWarren Hudson
2013Shirley BellLori McClain FergusonPatricia Healy
2012Jane Hamilburg-GuyMichelle Pinsker YeadonHoward "Butch" Engel
2011Bridget BrownKay Palade-PeiserJoe Gregory
2010Joyce CampbellMarianne "Tuni" ClaflinLarry Sinclair
2009Jennifer TellierSherry CanciamilleJack Ireland
2008Wendy MorawskiChrista CookTom Squicciarini
2007Salli Moore-KottasMarylou HatfieldWillie Vicens
2006Ida BaumKim PastellaJames Reynolds
2005Chris Baum BassettClifford SteeleBrian Meyer
2004Sandy OrrTami MishlerJane Forsythe
2003Patricia BillhardtDebbie StruffJack Ireland
2002Ted FickesLinda HuffmanAlberto Berrios
2001Cheryl RobbinsMichael ShepherdJohn Connolly
2000Steve AndersonCindy CrawfordPeter Baynes
1999Ben DeBoerCheryl CatesRufus Burleson
1998Shirley BellNora McGriskinPaul Bradley
1997Bobbi WagnerMarylou HatfieldVic Clemente
1996Bruce KorsonElliott FedermanRon Herd
1995Ellie Linderholm-WoodChristine BaumHarriet Campbell
1994Jo ThomsonBob PhillipsDorothy Hazel
1993Shirley DeBoerLinda HuffmanMichele Billings
1992Ginny ShamesDick BaumEve Whitmore
1991Ted FickesJohn ConnollyJoe Gregory
1990Betty Claire FrohockBobby BarlowJane Forsyth
1989Bev SachsGene HauptAnnie Rogers-Clark