Top Twenty Crew

Our Top Twenty Crew has much to be proud of. They have created what is known to be the BEST Top Twenty in the country. There are so many dedicated volunteers that help create this event, from organizing, setting up, selling catalogs, selling raffle tickets, moving chairs, hauling equipment … too many to name but each is truly appreciated and needed to make the evening run so smoothly. It is truly what this wonderful breed deserves!

Loretta Parolisi — Chairman
Sharon Fosseen — Secretary/Treasurer
Sharon Steckler — Advisor

Catalog/Entries — Sharon Fosseen
Pedigree Update/Research — Vickie Rounsaville-Millard
Catalog Sales — Mary Lou Carroll, Sandy Orr & Jeri Poller
Nominating Committee — Barry Wyerman
Scorekeeping — Sharon Steckler & Sandra Lynch
Online Top Twenty Auction — Bridget Brown
Raffle — Tami Mishler, Elizabeth Sotormayor & Sutton Warford
Cover Design — Caryn Orlando, The Boxer Digest

Producer, Music & Decor — Linda Abel
Announcers — Jeffrey Phillips and Robert Taylor Hansel II
Director — Kari Hammer-Phillips
Chief Ring Stewards — Christina Ghimenti and Julie Lawrence
In-Ring Steward — Korinne Vanderpool
Ready Ring Steward — Debbie Schlesinger & Terry Tortomasi
In-Room Lighting — Jim Fortney
Sound & Lighting — Main Event
Music Coordinators — Vickie Rounsaville-Millard and Julie Lawrence
Videographer & Live Streaming — Dog Show Video Pros